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About LN Club

“LN Club” membership program is an optimized and upgraded travel experience platform created by Lingnan Hotel International Management Limited for travelers.

LN Hospitality (Lingnan Hotel International Management Limited) is the industrial development platform for Guangzhou Lingnan Group’s hotel business, it’s collectivization, professionalization and brand output. LN Hospitality is a core enterprise affiliated to Guangzhou Lingnan Group Holdings Co. Ltd., a main board listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The core hotel brands of LN Hospitality include LN Garden Hotels & Resorts, LN Dongfang Hotels & Resorts, LN Hotel Five, LN Jiayuan Resort, LN Garden Inn, LN Star Camp, LN Residence, LN Hive, and the Waterside Farmyard by LN Hospitality. These brands encompass everything from boutique cultural travel to platinum five star experiences, leisure vacations to urban business, chain hotels to nonstandard accommodations. The company’s hotel asset management level is ranked first place in southern China and it has been granted recognition by the China Tourist Hotels Association as a “Top 60 China Hotel Industry Group”.

All individuals who meet the qualification requirements for the “LN Club” membership program can apply for membership free of charge, participate in the exclusive membership activities of LN Hospitality personally, and enjoy numerous new benefits.

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