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Point and Growth Credit

(I) Valid period

Members must remain their member’s account active in a consecutive 24 months   to maintain points accumulated, otherwise, all the points would be forfeited.

Points and growth credits cannot be restored after clearing to zero but members can continue to earn new points or growth credits. If the member’s account is cancelled, all the accumulated points and growth credits would be forfeited.

Members only need to earn points or redeem points at least once within 24 consecutive months to maintain active in their “LN Club” member’s account.

 (II) Rules on points earning

1. Calculation of reward points and growth credits.

(1) Accommodations: Earn 1 reward point and 1 growth credit per¥1(or equivalent inlocal currency)

(2) In-house dining: Earn 1 reward point and 1 growth credit per¥2(or equivalent in local currency)

(3)  Social event: Earn 1 reward point and 1 growth credit per¥20(or equivalent in local currency)The maximum reward points and growth credits earned per event is 20,000 respectively. “Social events” refers to private banquet and celebrations such as wedding, birthday banquets and, baby hundred-day feast, etc.

(4) Members purchase other hotel products and services ( operated by the hotel only) through LN Club  Mall: Earn 1 reward point and 1 growth credit per ¥4(or equivalent in local currency. *Points accumulation will be subject to the product description.

(5) All spending of food & beverage (at outlets operated by participating properties) and social events put on the room bill will be converted to reward points and growth credits according to the program rules.

(6) Food & Beverage or other product / service included in a room package would be placed under the category of “hotel accommodation”, and are eligible for earning reward points and growth credits according to the program rules.

(7) Paying by credit account, long staying, OTA reservation via a third party, group, meetings or corporate events are not eligible for earning reward points and growth credits.

(8) Spending on hotel accommodation would only be eligible for reward points and growth credits when the member him/herself occupies the hotel room during the entire stay. Maximum room for earning points is 2 per stay., and all room charges must be paid by the member.

(9)  Each member can earn reward points and growth credits for up to 3 bills per restaurant per day. Extra consumptions at a same restaurant are not eligible for earning points.

(10) Taxes applied to room rates are not eligible for earning points.

(11) The rules on points earning apply to all member categories without exception.

(12) The basic unit for “LN Club” point accumulation is 1 point, and the spending amount insufficient to exchange for 1 point will not be calculated.

(13) If two members share a hotel room, the reward points and growth credits earned can only be credited to one of the members’ accounts.

2. Member Identity Certification. All members are required to present their membership number or registered phone number upon hotel check-in or paying bills for food & beverage and social event.

3.  Expenses of not earning reward points and growth credits:

(1)  Room reservation through the third-party online booking channels, travel agencies (no matter how you pay the hotel) or special room rates e.g. government rate, wholesale, group, complimentary room, long-staying, room barter, day-used room, staff rate, corporate credit account are not eligible for earning reward points and growth credits.     

(2) The spending of members attending events, group meetings and corporate banquets.

(3) VAT charges, booking cancellation fees.

(4) Full prepaid room charge of an overdue no-show booking.


(5) Expenses generated by the member using points.

(6) The room charges or F&B expenses paid by the member using coupons.

(7) Other spending or service charges at the hotel except for the expenses on hotel accommodation, Food & Beverage (restaurant operated by participating hotel) and social events.

(8) Non-hotel-operated Entertainment Center, SPA, incentive travel, gift certificates and cash coupons or outsourced services.

(9) Supplementary recording of reward points and growth credits. 

4. If a qualified member failed to earn the corresponding reward points and growth credits after an eligible hotel stay because they do not provide the member number or registered mobile phone number for their reservation or upon check-in to the hotel, they can contact the hotel or “LN Club” service center within 60 days after the check-out date to apply for supplementary recording.  Reward points and growth credits for Food & Beverage and social events are based on the payment, cannot be supplemented.

5. Nature of points and growth credits. “LN Club” points and growth credits themselves have no fixed or determinable cash value, and cannot be assigned, sold, transferred, exchanged for or converted into cash unless otherwise stated in these terms.

6. Eligibility of reward points and growth credits. Hotel accommodation only be eligible for reward points and growth credits or any partner program benefits after the member is enrolled as “LN Club” member.

7.  If the participating hotel stops participating in the program, even if the reservation date is earlier than the termination date, the points will not be used to redeem the hotel accommodation or any rewards at the hotel from the date of termination.

 (III) points redemption

Redeem the complimentary room of the participating properties

Redeem Food & Beverage coupon of participating properties

Redeem the vacation tourism products

Redeem scenic spots ticket nearby the hotel

Redeem airline mileage

Redeem special gifts of “LN Club”

(IV) Rules on“LN Club” points redemption

1. Rules on Guarantee. Members are required to make advance reservation through the official website or WeChat official account LNJDGL for the complimentary stay by point redemption, and according to the relevant booking requirement of the hotel e.g. minimum length of stay, time of use and cancellation policy etc.

2. Applicable dates. Some participating hotels have date restriction on the use of redemption during the major events or special holidays period. For example, the participating hotels in Guangzhou do not accept the redemption for free accommodation during the Spring and Autumn Trade Fair. Specific information published by the official website and WeChat official account.

3. Unused coupons and rewards. “LN Club” will not return points for any portion of free accommodation reward or e-coupon which is not being fully used by members. once a member check-in for his/her free accommodation, the reward and e-coupon are considered to have already been used even if the member early depart before the check-out date or the e-coupon has not been used.  All the corresponding points for redemption will be invalidated. 

4. Period of Validity.  Expired complimentary accommodation rewards and e-coupons cannot be extended. Free accommodation rewards with a valid period are measured by the check-out date. The check-out date of reservation must be within the valid period. The reward and e-coupon will be invalidated if not being used before the expiration date. E-coupons for F&B or other products are subject to the valid period stated in the redemption. The expiration date for any complimentary accommodation awards and e-coupons will not be extended.

5. Combined use. Complimentary accommodation reward cannot be used with other rewards or privileges e.g. free upgrade, partner reward, discount coupon, incentive travel, e-coupon or check etc. at the same time unless specified in the rules on corresponding accommodation reward or e-coupon. However, members can use multiple gift coupons to obtain continuous accommodation.  

6. Membership verification. Members are required to present the membership number / registered mobile phone number (which must be a local number under the real name system) and relevant certificates when checking in for complimentary stay, credit card or cash is needed for guarantee at the same time.

7. Complimentary accommodation room type. The complimentary accommodation applies to standard room type only unless otherwise specifically stated as part of a special reward. Standard room type is defined by the hotel and vary according to individual hotels.

8. Capacity of Complimentary Room. The redeemed complimentary room usually allow to accommodate a certain number of guests according to the maximum capacity of the room, depending on the hotels and room types. (For details, please refer to the room capacity restriction of individual hotels  

9. Reward transfer. Complimentary accommodation and e-coupons obtained by member cannot be transferred to the others.

10. Use of rewards. Complimentary accommodation and e-coupons are only applicable  for personal travel of the member, and not applicable to group travels, travel packages, meetings or other special room rate/ package, miscellaneous and service charges.

11.  Miscellaneous:

(1) Complimentary accommodation rewards and e-coupons are deemed invalid and cannot be used for payment if they are used as exchange for cash or other compensation.

(2) Complimentary accommodation rewards and e-coupons cannot be redeemed for cash.

(3) Complimentary accommodation rewards and e-coupons will not be supplied again if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

(4) Except for the complimentary accommodation rewards, e-coupons and other designated coupons under the “LN Club” program, other products provided by independent suppliers as indicated in E-Shop are subject to the restrictions of relevant terms and conditions. Each independent supplier reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate all rules and offers at any time without notice. “LN Club” shall not be liable for any changes made by any supplier.

 (V) Purchase of points and growth credits

“LN Club” does not allow members to purchase reward points, bonus points or growth credits by themselves or through third-party suppliers.

 (VI) Adjustment of“LN Club” point and growth credits

“LN Club” points and growth credits in the member’s account may change according to the changes in the system or membership scheme. Members can check their account changes through our official website and WeChat official account. If a member confirms that his/her account information is incorrect, he/she shall contact the “LN Club” Service Center. After review and verification by the member service center they will make an adjustment according to actual situation. The points will not be adjusted 60 days after the date of settlement indicated on the member’s spending bill by the hotel. Members need to retain the relevant hotel vouchers, which can be used as proof at the time of applying for adjustment of points.

 (VII) Deduction of points and growth credit

1. When a member redeems points for complimentary accommodation, e-coupons or other E-Shop products etc, the corresponding points will be deducted from the member’s account automatically, but the Growth Credit remain unchanged. Growth credit will only be reset when the membership category is upgraded.

2.  Once the membership is upgraded, all accumulated growth credits would be deducted from the member’s account immediately. Growth credit would be reset and the accumulation would be started again from the first day of the new membership effective.

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